POP does not connect to OnePlus 5T

I do share the same frustration of some pals here.
I can not make the POP to connect to my Android OnePlus 5T.
I followed the instructions thoughtfully
There is no way the POP can connect to my phone

OnePlus 5T A5010
Android 10.0.1

2.4G (I tried the 5G as well with no success but this was expected)

USB: no way, it shuts the phone off

Hi, @ironborn
Sorry for this problem.

Here is the manual for you to double confirm the steps: https://revopoint3d.com/wp-content/uploads/download/POP%20User%20Manual---Android%20&%20iOS%20Handy%20Scan%20V2.1.3.pdf

Below points are very important for Android phones:

  1. The Wi-Fi need to be off;
  2. You need to connect the POP to a Power bank / power supply whose output is over 5V1A;
  3. Rememeber to wait for 5-10s after you turn on the hotspot (to wait for the POP connect the phone)

I was able to make the POP connect to the host spot, but the app freezes as soon as it shows the subject and I have to restart the app and restart the POP we well.
So far I was not able to scan any object.
The connectivity is feeble and unstable, I hope you will be able to release a more stable android app.

Is it normal that it warms up on the right side (looking from the back)?

Hi @ironborn
Could you please try to use this special edition for Android users who has connection problems?

Do you mean the POP is warm-up? If you use it for a long time, the POP will warm up a little like our phone.

Hi there,
I appreciate the dedicated version, it’s fantastic from you all, nevertheless there are still some issues.

Now it deterministically connects to the hot-spot, it discovers the device and it connects to it, BUT it freezes after a few frames. Once it was scanning the object for about 5 seconds then it froze, usually it freezes almost immediately. FYI the front LED red diode turn off at that point.
I have to restart the POP (unplug+plug) and to restart the app as well to be able to connect it back.
Ok, I did not experience the warming issues, I’ll let you know if it will happen again, nevertheless it was mildly warm.


The POP is very sensitive to USB current supply, I tried four USB chargers from 1A to 3A. It worked only from a USB 3.0 from a dongle connected to my MacBook.
I’d be good if you could query the USB driver to warn the user.
At this stage it is scanning, even if there is still some instability when reconnecting to POP.
Thanks for following me on this

Hi @ironborn

Thanks for your update.
Yes, you need to use a USB 3.0 port when connecting to PC.
If you want to use your phone, then please power the POP with a power bank/ power supply whose output if over 5V1A.

Best Regards

In my case my #1 1A and #2 2A power supply did not work, the POP turned off after a few seconds. I used an USB tester and they were effectively delivering at least 1A