Comparison Pop2 and Pop3

I may have missed it, but is there somewhere a comparison between the cPop2 and 3?
I have the 2 but would like to know if an upgrade is worthwhile

POP2 was my most versatile scanner and used mostly , but since POP3 hardware updated it is on another level , not to mention color capture is amazing compared to POP2 and shake reduction thanks to IMU .

I will make for you comparison so you can see the difference between the scanning and color so you can see true differences on each level , I mean the mesh itself , and the color plus the fusing results unedited .

The accuracy is the same , but thanks to other new hardware features it is much easier to get better results .

I don’t think POP2 is bad as it served well for me and if not POP3 I would still use it , it depends of what you really need , and what are your priority …

Handheld scanning?
Color Scanning ?
Point cloud ?
Mesh ?
Internet Catalog?
Reverse engineering?

I will be back at you later this evening

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My main use case is reverse engineering. That’s where the focus is for me.

Hi @poni

here not edited comoarison between POP3 and POP2 , the surface is much smoother and the edges more defined with POP3 as you can see , handheld scanning …

but on smaller objects on turntable, the difference are less visible

I guess you would profit more if you scan slightly bigger objects and handheld in place of turntable when using POP3 as it improved especially with that .

As always you need to make the decision here and choice what is best for you , based on what you need .

Here are the smoothness level of both scans , the red surface is the level of smoothness of the original scan , and white area the noises level.


Thank you so much for your elaborate answers. As I am doing almost no handheld scanning, I will stick with the Pop 2. Your scans show that there will not be much to gain for me, upgrading to the Pop 3. Maybe skip this one and wait for the Pop 4.

For what you do… I agree …