Ferrari F430 exhaust manifold

Latest video - do people want to see more of this stuff or something different. What should I scan next ?


Thanks for your very helpful videos. Especially how to deal with situations when things don’t work out the first time.

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Very impressive thanks. Will pop1 give similar results using this technique? Or are there any other considerations when using it (lack of gyro and more miss tracking, lower accuracy?) Unfortunately I think lots of pop users will never be able to upgrade to pop2

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hehe it rarely works out 1st time - I try and keep things as real as possible - glad you enjoy the series, more to come.

The key thing is with POP1 is stability - POP2 you can be a bit more aggressive with movements due to a higher frame rate and better stabilisation. POP1 will lose track (and therefore mess up) more often requiring more attention to stability and slow movements. POP2’s resolution is far superior which means it can track a lot better. Both scanners work well but its easier with POP2.
With POP2 you can also get away with scanning dark objects becuase it can track so many points.

I got really good results with POP1, but you just have to plan ahead and try and help the scanner.
So the question I guess begs would you upgrade. If you scan a lot like me and want that higher res then its a no brainer - POP2 is awesome. But if you cant upgrade, POP1 is still a viable option and you should invest in some time with post processing - work smarter, not harder type thing.