POP 3 button remapping

Would it be possible to have feature to remap POP 3 touch buttons?

Let’s say like changing those minus (-) and plus (+) buttons for example ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ instead of exposure control. Using Auto exposure often or rarely have had need to adjust exposure mid scan.
Unfortunately undo is quite commonly reason for pause while scanning…

Usually have laptop bit futher away from scanner due wifi connection or using big screen. Would speed up process to not having to walk to laptop everytime for undo.


Hi @Controll3d

That is great suggestion , I would love that as well , however the firmware would need to be updated , and the software so not easy switch .

I do use the exposure button myself as it is very helpful especially when scanning human heads with darker hair in my case , however having an option available to switch that for custom needs would be really great .

I will tag @Revopoint-Jane to record this suggestion , who knows , maybe we are lucky .


Hi @Controll3d

This is indeed a good suggestion. I’ll feed it back to our dev team for discussion to see how to improve this.


If button assigment could be done within software. One option could be that buttons work differently while paused and when scanning. Example exposure adjustment assigment while scanning and when paused they could function undo/redo/… if user had them changed.

Possible functions to be used:
Exposure - (default)
Exposure+ (default)

Toggle view of Color/No color

Hi @Controll3d

Color no Color need to be setup in the settings before the scanner start scanning , it can’t be turn on off while scanning .

@PUTV Oh, sorry. Wasn’t clear enough that i meant: