Scanning dark bronze sculpture "young ballet dancer" with POP Revopoint

Hello everyone
I am a professional art conservator and I have been using 3D technologies in my professional activity for several years now. In particular, I deal with the conservation and restoration of sculptures.
I am using the Revopoint POP scanner to scan sculptures of different materials (such as plaster, terracotta, bronze).
The POP Revopoint scanner allows me to work easily by walking around the sculpture, even in tight spaces. I point out the quality of the HandyStudio software for the precise alignment of separate scanned portions of the sculpture and the creation of the mesh.
I show you the scan of a bronze sculpture “young ballet dancer” 140 cm high, dark and shiny (really hard to scan). Scanned with POP (I used HandyScan Mac and Win version) in different parts and aligned and meshed with HandyStudio. The result is very interesting allowing to obtain a “ligth” 3D model but with good quality.
I am still in an experimentation phase and I am trying to use the scanner to make portions with greater detail (bringing the POP scanner closer to the surface to be scanned, but also using higher resolution scanners) and adding these parts to the model with the lowest resolution: the results are interesting and I will post them in the forum .
I post images of the sculpture and scan from the corresponding view (and with the same “simulated” lighting).
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SInce I’m interested in a similar application of the scanner, it’s very encouraging to see your results.


Really nice scan !

Thanks for the sharing

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Thanks for appreciation Zoltan3D