POP 2 - scanning with color - bronze head horse

Hi everyone,
I scanned a bronze horse head with the POP 2.
For the scan I used a light (led) fixed to the side of the sculpture. The bronze placed on the turntable and the scanner used with the tripod.

The bronze horse head

Scanning set

I made several scanning rotations by positioning the sculpture in different positions and raising and lowering the scanner on the tripod.

The scans, after optimization the photographic texture with the HandyScan command, were aligned with Meshlab.

Below is the result of the 3D model without color

And finally the 3D model with color


Even with repositioning the model it seems the mouth area was filled in where the teeth and tongue are. Did the scanner have a difficult time scanning the small area inside the mouth?

Do you have any larger images of the original bronze horse so we can compare it to the scanned results at the same angle?

Also, approximately how long did it take to scan this horse? Thank you for sharing, it is very helpful.

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Hi Toaster,
the test was done for color acquisition
As you know, the problem of undercut scanning is common to all scanners (being optical instruments)
The horse’s mouth opening is very small, and for this reason it is not possible to scan the entire surface of the interior
For bronze photos, I’m away in the next few weeks and can’t take and attach photos
I will post them on my return
Thank you for appreciation

Ps It took me half an hour to complete the scan (scanning and post processing)


dfodaro, thank you for the reply and explanation. I look forward to the comparison photos when you get the chance to post. Best regards.

I found (and attached) a photo of the bronze horse head

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Nice work! Why did you not use HandyStudio to align the scans? Is Meshlab doing a better job?

Thanks for the comparison image dfodaro!

Hi Erik,

Handystudio is an excellent software that can be used easily by non-expert users, with excellent results (the alignment of the meshes works very well).
I prefer to use Meshlab because it allows me a more expert control of the various settings and the alignment of many meshes.

Thanks for your appreciation

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You are welcome!

I’m preparing another POP 2 scanning case study which I will post soon

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