My second Pop2 appears to have died

Dear Support:

It appears that my replacement POP2 scanner has suffered the same fate as my first POP2 scanner. I get to the blue LED light on the back and stays blue. This is the replacement unit for my original POP2 that had the same problem.

This time, I only plugged this one in when I went to use it–apposed to my original which I left connected all the time. I use my POP2 about once a week and I went to use it today and nothing.

It does “da-ding” when I plug it in to my Windows machine and it shows a depth camera and an RGB camera in the Device Manager, but trying to open either of those cameras in any webcam application just shows a black box.

Also, there is no WIFI connection to the POP2 either.

So, I guess I need to RMA this scanner as well. I am REALLY surprised that 2 have died in a row. First one after 30 days and now the replacement, which I received in June.


Hi Bruce,
We are sorry for the inconvenience. Would you please contact with a video showing the problem? Our team will assist to solve the problem.

Interesting that you see images in the Depth and Color cameras when you have a blue status light. I only ever see them just about the time that the light turns green.

What are you using to provide power? Do you have the splitter cable that would allow you to connect to the scanner on one end and to the USB A and C ports on a laptop or a combo of computer & battery pack?

@JeffLindstrom like I said, the cameras show up, but if you try to capture any image from them, it is just black.

I also saw a post from PUTV that said if you don’t see any red light from the projector, it maybe an over heat issue. I really tried to be more careful this time around but not leaving it connected to the USB port when not in use AND even quit out of Revo Scan when I taking long pauses between scans (to disable the fringe projector).

As far as power, I have tried 2 computers, fully charged power bank and different USB ports. I am using the cable that came with scanner. Also, the Pop2 does not show up on WIFI.

I just hope my Mini is more reliable than my Pop2.

Just for completeness, I went ahead and used the splitter with a 2.1A USB port battery bank and the Type C USB to computer. Still dead at the blue screen.

Also included a picture of the cameras showing up in Device Manager. With that said, when trying to connect/open them up in any webcam capture software, it just returns a black rectangle.



The only thing that comes to mind after your thorough substitution series to eliminate external causes of failure is to check the temperature of the top-center of the case.

If it is more than comfortably warm, then the problem is definitely in the scanner.

not in Revo Scan , in a webcam software , you don’t need the scanner to be green to see the cameras in the Device Manager .

It looks like the firmware is stuck , install the last Revo Scan software that was released yesterday , plug the POP2 to PC as usual with the dual cable and start the new RS software , if that is the firmware it will ask you to upgrade . I just recovered my first old broken POP2 that has only blue light too, like 5 min ago .

The red glow inside the POP2 projector appier only if you have green light , never with blue .

you can also press the play button on the back after you connect to USB for 10 times , it can reboot the POP2 , you should see red light blue and hopefully green .

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if you have a blue light there is no temperature at all as nothing is working , I had the same issue , the only thing you see are 2 cameras under Device manager that do not works either .
To have a temperature you need to run the scanner , have a green light and actually start scanning but not in this case .

@PUTV so I downloaded the latest version (todays) and it still does not see the Pop2. Even messing with the PLAY button yielded no results or changes. It appears completely dead. I have contacted support and I am waiting to see what they say.


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Sorry to hear that Bruce , seems like it is stuck while rebooting the system. Good that you contacted the support via email already . As I see no other solutions here to help you out .
Hopefully your new replacement will be as good as the one I got , not even warm to touch , not even while inside the case … I was really surprised.

@PUTV I hope that support comes through. They keep asking me for more info. First video (like the first time my Pop2 died). Then they wanted photos of the software not recognizing my scanner. After submitting that, now they want all the log files. Next I think they are gonna ask for DNA sample.

The first time my Pop2 died, Support was eager to help and get me a replacement right away. Now, I am starting to feel like I am getting the run-around.

This is REALLY worrying me about the Mini that I just received. I think I am gonna have to treat that with kid gloves and disconnect and store it away in a padded box between scans in the hope that nothing bad happens to it.


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Sorry to hear that Bruce , you see after the release there are a lot of people asking for support , many of the issues are not really related to the hardware .
To avoid mistakes in replacement that cost Revopoint a lot to bring it back to China ( they need to pay import tax for each return what is not cheap also ) they want to make sure there is nothing else that can be fixed before making the final decision of replacement.

I think things going to works more smoother after the first MINI wave passes, as it was with POP2 release

For me your problem is clear , if projector is not working there is nothing else you can do to fix it , it is the hardware.

I hope you get your replacement soon .
I don’t try to make here any excuses but as with any mass produced electronic devices , there are always bad apples between , but getting 2 bad apples in a row is not what you would normally expecting .
But I can ensure you that is as much frustrating for you as it is for Revopoint team . The quality control of the production is sadly not on the highest standard as expected, and I said it many times already . It is not good for anybody after all.

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Just want to follow up.

RevoPoint support has again gone above and beyond to make things right. They found out my Pop2 had some type of internal failure (error code 7) and they have replaced it.

My initial complaint about feeling like I was getting the “run around” was just unfortunate timing–the Mini had just dropped and support was trying to fix the initial problems people were having. So too many support tickets and not enough support staff. But it looks like RevoPoint support is getting caught up.

Thank you @Revopoint3D-Olivia and all the other support staff that have me back up and running!