No longer able to connect Pop2 to PC (windows)

I bought a pop 2 last year. I successfully completed a few scans back then and needed to return to the same project recently.

I now cannot get the GREEN light to come on my Pop2. Seems to be very similar to this other case I found on the forum (Pop 2 not connecting to Windows 10 PC).

I have connected via USB3A, attempted WiFi connections, and tried plugging Pop2 into power source only. None of these attempts have worked. My computer has permissions and recognizes the both color and depth cameras, the reco scan softwares are still telling me I do not have a scanner connect.

Please, let me know if there is more I can do to troubleshoot, or some other option to remedy this issue.

Hello @CT0922

You did already what you could do , if the light don’t turning Green , it means it can’t reboot properly.

Please write to and add the link the thread here .

You need a technical team to check on your hardware issue .

That’s all I can do for you here in the forum .