Pop 1 capable of Pop 2 resolution?

If you didn’t know there’s been quite a controversy on Revopoint’s facebook page, one user found out that if you edited some parameters in the config file in version 2.4.5 (newer versions apparently have it encrypted for some reason) you could get scans with much better resolution than even face mode could offer!
Now why is that extra resolution locked up if the device is clearly capable of it? The only caveat I can see of this approach is a more noisy scan though.
Comparison of a normal scan and modified config file scan:


I have yet to get mine working but if what you are showing here is correct, I think every POP1 owner has good reason to be upset & angry. This is the exact same as Apple using software to manipulate their devices so they would run slower & be considered obsolete. And that Revopoint would encrypt it after the discovery suggests that’s EXACTLY what they are doing. Combine this with the so-called inability to upgrade the firmware over the internet when practically all other devices can do so says to me something is rotten in Denmark (and Revopoint) :rage:


It is possible that the configuration only affects the mesh operation of the point cloud data.

What I plan to do when I have the time is scan to point cloud with the POP and my phone, the POP with my computer and the POP 2 with my computer, then mesh the point clouds with a 3rd party program (MeshLab, probably).

I would suggest that other people do their own verification. We can then put to rest any supposition about the resolution of various hardware configurations.

Don’t just use the mini-bust; try some rough-woven cloth that’s not too open-weave for comparison.


Could you share this link?)

Which link? Because I don’t even know who you were asking.

Hi @Sheeter,

Here is our reply about this case: Q&A of POP 2 Hardware Improvements & Software Parameters Adjustment