PLY to Mesh Deletes some surfaces

I am having issues with the Handy Studio deleting some of the surfaces when I “mesh” the file. Maybe it thinks they are background noise? I am waiting for the CDKey for the Revo Studio and maybe it will do better. The first pic shows the aligned and merged scans (pointcloud) and the second pic is after hitting the mesh button. Any ideas?

Yes if the point cloud are separate it will remove the parts after meshing , try to mesh it on higher values and not closing the holes . You can also export the merged point cloud as *.ply and use free Cloud Compare software for meshing it , with much better results .

Thanks. I’ll try Cloud Compare. I tried Meshlab but with limited results. I don’t see any way to change the values in the mesh step in the Handy Studio.

There is one rule, how well you scan your point cloud data how will be your mesh . Once your get your CDKey for Revo Studio you will have more options on everything , I believe Handy Studio meshing is set on a lower value since it was made for POP 1, Revo Studio offers 75% higher model density plus you have manual options to set it as you please .
Cloud Compare is great for cleaning your point cloud data and prepare it for meshing . Each type of objects request different approach. Mechanical or Organic .

Thanks PopUpTheVolume, I got my key today and the Revo Studio works great. Very happy with the results. I did use Cloud Compare (slowly learning it yesterday) and was able to get similar results but took me much longer. haha. Either way I hope to you a combination of both in the future. Thanks again for the info.

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@harderbuiltsolutions that is great to hear ! CloudCompare is good and there are 4 simple steps , it is great to fix your point clouds if get messy … don’t throw it away it will be very handy some day … Handy Studio meshing things very good , as long the point cloud is proper .

and You are more than welcome !

what are these four simple steps in Cloud Compare? where can we find a tutorial to learn how to work with a .ply file in order to save it in mesh? Thank you

At 8:35 you will find the simple way to clean it, and mesh it in Cloud Compare after merging it in Revo Studio, just posted it to my YT