Export cloud points

I am approaching the Revopoint 3D. I would like to know if it is possible from the reconstruction (mesh) to export the colored point cloud from the Revopoint software.
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The PLY and OBJ file formats support exporting the Point Cloud. The Point Clouds can be meshed in Handy Studio or a 3rd party software app such as MeshLab.

Hi @JeffLindstrom,
thank you for your kind replay.
So I have to go through third-party software, like CloudCompare, to export the new points?
Thanks again for your contribution.

Well, I have not had to do that, but you can if you want to. I am unfamiliar with CloudCompare, but I have used MeshLab with scans created by the POP scanner.

Hi @JeffLindstrom,
thanks for your further explanation.
Thanks for your further explanation.
I take this opportunity to ask you one last question: do you know if someone captures point clouds with Revopoint POP and joins them with new points obtained with photogrammetric footage and then merges them? It would be interesting to increase the geometric detail and, especially, the textures’ detail.

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Interesting idea. The Point Clouds created by Handy Scan are designed to work in the real world (meaning, if you import them into a CAD program using the Metric system and millimeters as the base increment, the object will be properly sized).

When aligning objects in Handy Studio, it knows the size of each object and that helps when figuring out which part of object#1 overlaps with object#2.

If you used a Point Cloud created from photogrammetry, it would have no scaling to the real world. You could measure known features on the scan and provide scaling before trying to align and merge the two objects. Whether that would be best done in Handy Studio or another 3rd party software package, I couldn’t tell you (the quality of the lens used for the second object would be important and you should probably avoid wide angles due to the distortion).

Dear @JeffLindstrom ,
Thank you for your exciting considerations,
starting with the optical differences between POP scanners and my cameras. I have a 42Mpx Sony Alpha 7RII full-frame camera and a 50mm lens.
My idea is to scale the point cloud obtained by photogrammetry in my reconstruction software, within which I can reach textures with high details.
I am pleased to have been able to share these pleasant and valuable insights with you.

Thank you so much.

Your Sony should be able to provide you with amazing detail (I expect that the lens will be more than good enough).

What would you plan on using to scale the Point Cloud to something that Handy Studio can use?

Hi @JeffLindstrom ,
Your answer made me think. I, perhaps, was thinking the other way around if I have not misinterpreted your reasoning.
I had this workflow in mind: Scan the object with Revopoint POP, get the points cloud, and mesh. Then perform a photogrammetric scan of the same object, scaling the object with markers. Finally, export the points cloud obtained from revopoint and include it in my reconstruction software with the two scaled clouds, realign, and produce new mesh with a new texture.
Instead, do you want to tell me that I can import a point cloud or a mesh, appropriately scaled, into revopoint, and revopoint proceed with the merge?

Thank you so much

I am new to 3D scanning, so I am not aware of all the software options out there. Handy Studio is the only software package I know of that will automatically align two point clouds.

I can do it manually in my Mechanical CAD software (TurboCAD), but it wouldn’t be as precise (I’d wager).

So, yes… I was suggesting that you scale your photogrammetric point cloud, put it in a compatible format (PLY or OBJ) and import it into Handy Studio to combine with your scan.

Hi Jeff,
Thank you very much for this exchange of information.
I look forward to February when I will receive POP 2.
But in the hypothesis we are discussing, which textures will I be able to apply in the Handy Studio software? Will I be able to apply and take advantage of a texture generated with a high-resolution sensor?

See you tomorrow, Jeff! In Italy, it’s 11.30 pm

Thank you very much!

I do not know. What you are planning to do is more advanced than what I have done.

I would expect, however, that you will not have a problem because Handy Studio reads in the PLY or OBJ point clouds with their color/texture information as created by Handy Scan. The PLY and OBJ file formats were well-defined long before Revopoint came into existence, so it shouldn’t be a problem.