Cloud point Export to other programs (MINI)

I have seen a couple of request to export only the Point Cloud generated by the 3D scanner to other programs like Metashape/Reality Capture/Meshroom and similar programs made for photogrammetry, these programs have a lot of tools to clean the model and do other stuff to work with the point cloud.

Do revopoint software allows to export only the point cloud in any open format like PTX/PCX/ASTM E57/PCD?
It will by nice to allow to export the fused point cloud too when doing multiple scans of the same item.

If it’s not supported do you plan to support it in the future?

I currently do not have a revopoint but I’m wating for my mini to arrive :slight_smile:

Of course you can export point cloud , some people prefer to mesh or merge it in other software .
The export extensions are ply and obj and both have also color per vertex data included if you scan with color.
Even if you do not export the fused point cloud , it will be saved under your project so you can always load it later to another programs

Even if you export OBJ or PLY format from Revo Scan , original fused point cloud is included on export , so you are good .

I don’t know why there are requests for, this option was always available in Revo Scan .


Sweet! did not know that, so cool that the software already allow this.
Any of you have a cloud file that is willing to share? can’t find any in Revopoint site.