Plush scan with MIRACO

I attempted to scan a small plush toy, approximately 15 cm tall, using the MIRACO. The plush toy was placed on a slowly rotating table and then on a stand. Everything was black to avoid appearing in the scan. Behind the plush toy, there was also a professional black background. The toy was illuminated (too) simply by a professional LED light with a CRI (R1-R15) of 98.5+. The result was satisfactory but will need to be reworked with 3D tools.

The plush:


You can find a mp4 on MIRACO Discord Chan.


Thanks for sharing @Myrdhin
Plushies are not really scanning friendly, too soft, too furry, but you managed it well !
Looking forward to see more of your work !

Nicely done, very clean and colorful.

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