MIRACO Test scans

Hi All,
My first scans using Miraco !
The object is a damaged cooling casing for a 3D printer, I use it to test different 3D scanners.
You can see it is quite small, and has lots of detail.
The MIRACO works extremely well !!!, probably the best results that I have had out of any scanner that I have tried.
I did the processing onboard the scanner, and also transferred the project to my PC and processed it again.
There is no discernable difference between the PC and the Android unit.
Everything workes perfectly, I am very impressed !
Merry Christmas !!

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And… an Aussie 50 Cent coin on a bed of crumpled paper :slight_smile:

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Hi Mike

Great first scans … btw always remove the access of scan before fusing ( the coin) it will calculate everything differently.

I also see that you used Texture mode on Miraco , remember that generating Texture will simplify the scanned model to a lower level and smooth out the normals , so if your accuracy is important , stop your process on meshing only … as you did on your computer …

Merry Christmas to you and Yours !

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Thank you for all the work that you and the Revopoint team have done to create this great scanner !

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Some nice scans there. Well done. I love the tight edges on the mechanical part.

Man, I so want that silicone case.

By the way,
You might have noticed the grey rim on the turntable ?
I 3D printed one of these…
Revopoint Miraco 3D Scanner Turntable Centering Adapter by RandyMay | Download free STL model | Printables.com