Please allow a more broad band for selecting the detect options

Please allow a more broad band for selecting the detect options
As you can see even with 1% selected still it selects the parts I need for a bigger model.
Please alow decimals in the selection.

Hi @MedievalKing the isolation will select any part of the point cloud that was not fused together with the mail point cloud , I suggest you check for overlapped points and after meshing , you use isolation feature under mesh edit to delete the free radicals if needed.

This no matter what. % you use , all points that was not fused will be selected for delete under point cloud edit .

Not true, there were lose parts that were bigger than 1% that were not selected, like the floor that was selected only the small parts, not the whole part, if I had the option to set maybe 0.5% isolation the hair parts that I needed would not be selected and i can use the isolation feature to erase the little floating pparts in one go.
I had to select them individualy with your tip of reverse selection …

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By the way, the model scanned is my wife and 2 days ago gave birth

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Congratulations :tada:!
You was just in time , now she will have memory forever !

The floor is attached to the feet, toes , other way it would be fully selected… isolation means isolated points , and the % is based on the figure size but it never works proper anyway , 15% or 1% always the same .

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The angle in the previous image was not appropriate to see the separation, I loaded anothed image with 1% and 14%, with the 14% it selects the feet that were also not connected but not the floor, she was on a turntable wasn’t recognised by the scanner. The setting works fine, I just need less than 1% on future scans, I spent some time cleaning it and now is clear.

Ok I see now … maybe with bigger objects it works better … last time with small object it really did not made difference picking up wrong parts even at 1% .

But yes definitely having smaller % than 1% would help a lot !

Thanks for sharing and suggestions