Deselect parrts of isolation recognition

After initiating the isolation detection, all isolated parts are marked, and you can then remove them. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to selectively remove specific areas using tools like the lasso tool. It would be great if that functionality were available.



You missing stuff again my friend
It is in front of your screen or better written on top of your screen , I even mentioned it on a list of new updates .

It is all possible but before anything , why you start removing isolated point at the level of 30% and not 1%

You have selection brush where you can just touch it and individual lose parts are selected at once (press Key B)

Then you have deselection option for all selective tools (press Key CTRL+Shift )

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I didn’t even know that the Brush tool exists. However, with the Brush, I can’t adjust the isolation detection rate; instead, I just select all connections. I think there should be an option for setting this. Deselecting is only possible with the tools, but not in the isolation detection area.

Isolation feature is completely different feature than selection tools .
You need to adjust the % as this feature settings is based on the size of isolated points vs the main scan .

The brush ( key B ) can do the same but manually , and have selection and deselection function as all other tools by pressing Key Ctrl+Shift

So for now you are good … I prefer the brush better actually as you can select precisely isolate points .

And it is there for some time already .

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I played with this tool for a little bit. It isn’t as sensitive to isolating small rogue points as the isolation tool. In other words, the isolation tool usually ends up selecting a lot of small points that look like noise that the brush tool always thinks are connected.

The simple solution would be to allow the other tools to be active in isolation mode for adding and subtracting selections or get rid of Isolation as a separate process and make it just another tool. It would also help if the % slider was recalibrated to that there are less false selections on larger models (in other words, 1% isn’t small enough). That’s been mentioned a few times in the past.

Isolation feature isolates points that are not registered and at greater distance and it is very useful feature in the cleaning process if not one of the important .
And absolutely should stay as removing it would affect all workflow and tutorials made since the begining of Revopoint devices .