Parcel goes around the World

Could somebody explain me the shipping routin from Fedex
My Parcel went from China to Alaska then back to China then to Japan then to Usa and back to Japan???
Somebody could explain this

2021-05-09 17:12

SENNAN-SHI JP, In transit

2021-05-09 11:08

MEMPHIS, TN, Arrived at FedEx location

2021-05-09 10:12

SENNAN-SHI JP, In transit

2021-05-09 04:55

GUANGZHOU CN, In transit

2021-05-09 04:51

GUANGZHOU CN, In transit

2021-05-09 04:40

GUANGZHOU CN, Departed FedEx location

2021-05-09 01:55

ANCHORAGE, AK, Departed FedEx location

2021-05-09 00:13

ANCHORAGE, AK, Arrived at FedEx location

2021-05-08 20:56

GUANGZHOU CN, Arrived at FedEx location

2021-05-08 20:55

GUANGZHOU CN, In transit

2021-05-08 20:55

GUANGZHOU CN, International shipment release - Export

2021-05-07 23:51

SHENZHEN CN, Left FedEx origin facility

2021-05-06 23:40

SHENZHEN CN, At FedEx origin facility

2021-05-06 16:14

SHENZHEN CN, Picked up, Package received after FedEx cutoff

2021-04-20 23:11

Shipment information sent to FedEx

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FedEx make many not understandable things …

I already had packages comes from china to france, go to germany, after france, after belgium, after germany,after france, 7 towns …and finally come to me …

And for this you pay 120€ FAST 48H delivery … and you wait 12 days …
It’s totally not the fault of Revopoint, but for information, once recived, you can contact FedEx to ask a refund of the shipping for too long waiting …

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Hi, @Seaha
Sorry for such a case. It is really weired.
We also feel very disappointed about FedEx’s service. They even lost several parcels of our customers, and only agree to refund us $100…

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That’s world wide shipping the bounce to every country before getting to you :crazy_face:

Still no news from my parcel it is still in Japan since 16 Days. Gimme a Solution cause this is not a good service. I know its not your fault but i am a Customer and i want a Solution what we should do now. Cause i dont want to wait another month for my Scanner to get delivered

Hi @Seaha

Yes, I can totally understand you feeling. Please send me a private message with your backer number and email address, I will check it with our logistic team.

Sorry for the bad experience.

Best Regards