OpenScanTable for Mini

Hello everyone,

Today, I want to introduce you to my latest project: the OpenScanTable. The name is quite telling because my goal was to develop a universally applicable, modular turntable that is compatible with any 3D scanning system (and also cameras for photogrammetry). Specifically, though, I designed it for use with the Revopoint Mini.

The newest feature of the Revopoint Mini, the single-shot function, truly inspired me. It opens up completely new possibilities for detailed 3D scans. So, I quickly gathered all the hardware components I could find and built a turntable that not only automates the scanning process but also automatically adjusts the distance to the object. The result is a system that triggers the shots in the Revoscan software by simply pressing the space bar – all through a Bluetooth connection, where the control unit registers as a keyboard on the PC.

Although this project is still in its early stages, I am thrilled with the scan results so far. The level of detail is impressive, especially with settings that rotate every 20 degrees and then take a shot.

I plan to upload all the necessary information, files, and instructions for replicating this, so you too can benefit from this modular approach. For now, however, I would like to show you a video of the OpenScanTable in action to give you an idea of the possibilities this approach offers.

OpenScanTable - 3D Turntable for photogrammetry and Revopoint Mini (

I look forward to your feedback, your questions, and, of course, exchanging ideas with you. Let’s expand the possibilities of 3D scanning technology together!

Heres is the first Scan, this section has about 10mm:

Github: SphaeroX/OpenScanTable (


You getting fast with this project @SphaeroX


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Very interesting! I’m very curious to see more scans.

The 3D printed PLA you used is a bit shiny, maybe painting it or using matte PLA would improve the end result even further.
I assume the grooves are there to improve the tracking accuracy?

I noticed that you are stopping the turntable for each frame: any chance you could try to scan the same object with and without stopping the turntable (and with the same angle between frames)? Since many of us use a regular turntable, this would give us an idea of how much more detail you can get by, essentially, getting rid of any motion blur.

I love the automatic distance adjustment feature.

I initially thought about printing the turntable in matte filament, but I have absolutely no tracking issues, and it is also well recognized. The pattern certainly helps with that!

Stops are also very helpfull for the RGB Camera

Without Stop and with Stops (Single Shot)



after few tweaks at software and hardware i think i got the first release, will update soon!


Github Repo ist online: SphaeroX/OpenScanTable (


Really nice! For photogrammetry with Sony cameras maybe you could implement this Bluetooth remote:

GitHub - coral/freemote: Sony Alpha BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Remote…