Lift and Turntable for 3d Scanning

I have a question, maybe there is already something like that I’m looking for…

Namely, I am looking for a kind of lift. I imagine that I put the 3D scanner into this lift and then start the scanning process. The object on the turntable starts to rotate, at the same time the lift moves upwards and scans the object. After that, the angle is adjusted by the fixture and the lift goes down again.

In my opinion this would give good scans, the DualAxis Turntable has the problem that the object is then suddenly further away or just moves to it, when the scanner is on the tripod. Another advantage would be that you could make long objects with one scan pass.

Here is a picture of how I imagine it:


Does something like this already exist for the Revopoint or do you have to construct it yourself?
My sketch would have looked like this.


Revo dont have anything like it but you can make one quite easy

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I already have an OpenScan, which is why the idea for the Revopoint came to me

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Very good idea @SphaeroX , I saw other users made the 6 ft version of something like that , it scanned well .
I need a pole with motorized slider for upcoming Range to scan automatic full bodies .

The Dual Axis design do not have the proper pivot , the first design was ideal , but the second one lost the pivot so only good for a very small objects to scan .

do you happen to have the link to the project you mentioned? In 2 weeks I have more time again and would construct something.

I will post it when I find it @Miamijerry was doing one also , if he read it maybe he drop the link to his own project .

There is the “DIY Slider” in this forum, and

I’d think a robot arm would be the best solution. you can program the movements to closely follow an optimum scanning distance. Plenty of project plans out there for rolling your own.

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Hi Gerald , think the upcoming Range 3D scanner will be a perfect for your “DIY Slider” as the distance is so great there is not more issues between the head-shoulders distance and you can actually get quickly full body in less than 120 seconds, in less time depends of the height of the person , virtually no tracking issues either .

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Range sounds like a very exciting tool, I can not wait…

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That would be my first concept for the Mini. The turntable is also controlled by the control unit. I thought that you enter the height of the part via an app (Bluetooth) and the control unit then starts the complete scan process. Unfortunately, you can not start the mini remotely, otherwise the controller would also take over. But that is then again an OpenSource topic, which I have already addressed in the forum…

For the Range you could then work with a hoist, similar to the Hangprinter (, that would save a lot of material and expand the possibilities.

I’ll be using an E4 as my motherboard, since it’s already lying around.


Following! :clap: (20 chars limit)

Had started experimenting with a height adjustable camera tripod, plus Edelkrone slider modules which I have. on this I can mount magic arms that can mount the camera.
Outcomes inconclusive as the project has currently fallen by the wayside…

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A very first prototype


Looks great @SphaeroX :+1:t2:

looks like it works, I haven’t adjusted anything yet, I just wanted to know if it works.

also a funyn fact, u can scan very quick:

Conclusion: Even ohen ball bearings with the cheapest material goes the part well off! Revopoint should instead of the DualAxis Turntable focus on a lift, also for the large scanner it will be very usefull! Especially with the big one you can use cords, as seen in the Hangprinter here (there are a little more cords because there are 3 axes)

What would also be good would be a remote control with rotary knobs (encoder) so that you can rotate by hand or up and down.

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Good job :+1:t2:
We need a lift for Range , Revo had idea to do it but they decided to not moving forward with it .
And I am talking about 7ft pole .
Right now I use monopod when scanning a person at 6ft to reach the top of the head . And slowly collapsing it down each rotation what takes around 90 to 120 seconds to complete scanning a 6ft person . From top to bottom then from bottom to top with different angles in one session .


Excellent design work. Plans for this to be an open source community project?


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I honestly don’t know yet because I don’t have much time for it. I’m still building knobs on it so I can use it for myself. If I then start to create a circuit diagram, maintain the code, etc., then time will run out. But I’m happy to provide everything on request, without support.

Maybe you can talk to Revopoint again, the cable solution would be an inexpensive solution that takes up little space.


but how can we get this to talk to the revoscan software like the dual axis base?

Im making a turntable using a heady duty lazy susan that can support the weight of a fully built engine or human. just would want it to benefit from what the dual axis can in regardsemphasized text to connecting to the software.