Revopoint new MINI Blue Light 3D Scanner

I saw the advertising today, is it real or April Fools joke ?

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Hi @PUTV ,

No, it’s not joke.

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Hi @Revopoint-Cassie ,

wow I am impressed ! can’t wait for more details and specifications .

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Looks nice. What is the pro’s and cons of a blue light scanner vs the revopoint pop 2? Im sure they both have areas in which they are better suited for.


The Blue light technology is the same as the White light technology , the colors are just for marketing, it does not matter what color, blue, green or white . Green is actually more visible for the eyes but for the scanner it doesn’t matter . MINI will read the brightness between the projected pattern and calculate the depth . It is also much more friendly to scanning things outdoors or darker objects . Professional $5K and up 3D scanners use this technology, from what I know , the Blue light is usually an LED and not a laser, but one concern I have here is, will be it able to scan color , or only for surfaces . I saw RGB camera so maybe it is using different way to capture the color data as with the blue light it will be impossible to capture the color per vertex at the same time. Also Blue light technology delivers much higher accuracy for that reason MINI may reach 0.02mm easier or even below that .

Anyway it gonna be on my wishlist as with 0.02mm accuracy you can’t get wrong . I am doing dental modeling work sometimes for my clients , so this would be very useful new tool for me .
But I expecting the price will be much higher with this one .

Well, be the end of April we going to know more what is is all about .

The creality cr scan 01 uses structured light similar. To what this mini will use right?

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Yes that is structure light technology but so is POP2 but in place of infrared laser they use LED.

Creality scan 01 uses this technology allegedly without legal license , it was patented by Artec and they got sued for it now as well.

But I am sure this is not the case with Revopoint as they have their own technology and replacing infrared light laser with a visible light spectrum as LED was a smart move.

Well we got more informations regarding MINI , I guess it is not exactly as I suspected it to be , beside very fine scanning of a small object like dental or jewelry , POP2 will be good for the rest .

Can you tell us what future projects you have planned? I was rather annoyed after buying pop1 that pop2 would have been better for me! And now the mini seems even more suitable for what I want to do! Is it just the way the company operates just release one product and supersede it before most people have recieved them. I appreciate that the mini will not be suitable for some but for others it sounds ideal. Sorry just having a rant.

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@Gbo I hope it was not a reply to me because I am not Revopoint Staff , I am just a user .

I am not sure if the 500x500x500 mm is accurate because if it is then it means everyone want it , especially for reverse engineering that would be just ideal .

No not you Popup I realise that you are not affiliated with Revopoint.

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Blue light for Structured Light Scanning is not for marketing. Blue light has advantages over white light scanning because blue light has a shorter wavelength, so more of the light is reflected instead of absorbed, It can capture more details, and it is more tolerant of reflective surfaces. The light source is also not affected by heat as DLPs would be.


@ZoltanTheZ that is all true but…

It depends of the technology used here , I don’t think MINI will be using Blue Light technology , first of all too expensive and second they mentioned the needs for a special ambient lighting setup , Blue light technology filtering all others light colors out so it does not need a special ambient lighting conditions and is not limited for indoors only.

Regarding more details , well that depends of a single or double camera , double cameras capture less sharper scans than single cameras due to angle position, and white , green or blue light color make here not much difference , in a controlled ambient light lab it will make no difference , and definitely not at accuracy of 0.02mm .

I would suggest you to lower your expectations , and wait for the actual specifications by the end of the month so we can truly see what it is all about. If it is real I am expecting minimum double price.

no this was advertised way before april 1st and i am looking forward to the kickstarter.

Trust me once I see the specifications I am in … Most of my work that I do , do not request texturing at all as the cloud point data is more important , at 50x50x50 cm with 0.02mm accuracy ? this is a must have for me even for a double price.

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agree with you there. texture is not important to me but the model is. and with this sort of details and accuracy i cant wait to get my hands on it :smiley:


man i am so looking forward to this scanner to come out. its about time someone brought a high end scanner out for home users and hobbyists and for small companies etc. for to long we have been waiting and i am glad its revopoint making this product. as it will be a quality bit of kit…

Well @Turenkarn , Revopoint do that already with POP2, nobody need to spend additional $8K to have the same results , or build a photogrametrical spheres to capture full body scans , POP2 can do that and well .
MINI will get deeper in the finer details where POP2 can’t : jewelry , dental work , precision , lots of data will be processed saving us $22K at least , for all objects smaller than 50cm / 19 inches , thinking how much data you can capture at 0.02mm accuracy and this size of object ? marvelous!

What do non Facebook users do to be informed about the launch and get access to purchasing this mini hopefully earlier than later?

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Well s@#t. Had my Pop2 a grand total of two days and now there’s something much more my jam.

If the MINI isn’t much more expensive than the Pop, I’m going to have a serious case of buyers remorse.