No Picture when Connected to USB

When my POP connected to USB of my android phone, no pictures appear at all, however it works ok when using wifi. What’s the problem?

Did you connected POP to your phone with the mobile cable that has 2 cables ? One cable USB A is for power and the other USB C for data to connect to your phone.

Then under app settings you need to select USB and then start new scan session .
After your accepted the USB connection by clicking OK what happened? Did the USB disconnect?

If it keeps asking you constantly to accept the USB connection and keep disconnecting, then use WiFi only as there is not much you can do about , some phone works via USB , some don’t .
Same with some laptops or PC .

WiFi will provide you with the same scanning speed as USB .

On my phone the USB connection is working , but on my tablet only via WiFi .

And there is not really solution to that .

I tried two phones with the same settings. One worked fine, while the other had no pictures even though it showed usb connected. Both worked ok with wifi connection. Maybe the problem is on the phone.

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That is definitely the phone , something is not correct with the OTG of the phone , I see lots of phones lately had issues with the USB even Samsung .

You see there maybe wrong driver installed by default that can’t handle the cameras of the device . On some phone I can connect my other regular USB camera and works straight out of the box , on other phones I need additional app to handle that .
So definitely not your scanner issue here .

Recently I purchased 2 tablets and none of them support scanner data via USB C . I even tried OTG cable to use with POP2 and MINI.