No "Import from Miraco" option

Hi! I just got the Miraco. All looks good, but even though it’s connected to the same network as my Macbook and PC, I don’t see any “Import from Miraco” option when I “share” a model over Wifi. The Wifi also only seems to see my 2.4GHz network.

Oh and I am on Revoscan 5.3.4 on both.

Ehm the “Import from Phone” seems to work over Wifi though… Revoscan is set to English.

The version 5.4.1 is not released yet … however try the Import from Phone option on PC in RS … maybe will works as it even worked on 5.3.2

When you see only the WiFi 2.4 GHz scroll down … my 5Ghz always on the bottom

Once the new version is released you will be able to use direct USB for the import library what is awesome …


Thanks for your quick reply!
Yes import from Phone works. So importing over USB needs 5.4.1? Do you know when it will be released?

Yes that is correct , the new version should be released this week/weekend

That’s the version that supports the USB connection .