UI Improvments (Import & Connection Icon)

  1. Cleanup the Imports like on the Screenshot:

  2. Please use the Cursor Icon as Icon at the Toolbar, i never find this Tool xD

Importing from a phone and Miraco are 2 different things , Miraco have 2 options , phone just 1 .

It going to be very confusing for different types :disappointed: of users since there is not an USB import from a phone … they going to click it expecting to import stuff via USB .

I would leave the crucial settings as it will already alter the tutorials and manuals and confuse even more .

The mobile import ist just over WiFi. Today I’m imported my Miraco scans over this button. So the “import from Miraco” isn’t needed. It’s all just WiFi.

You could also do an import as a dropdown with the following options: from hard drive, WiFi or USB.

common sense is sadly not common .

Miraco is a completely different device and it should be not changed for clarity.

If you put just USB everyone connect phone to USB and will avalanche the forum why it don’t works .
And 100% it will be the case that I don’t want to deal with .

The dev.team working on a importing / browser file manager , so things going to be changed in the future how you import your projects .

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I’m glad to hear that, yes indeed it should also be “user-friendly”, I hadn’t considered that aspect.

That’s only the reason …nothing else , I know you can import via WiFi when clicking the other option since it is the same for all phones tablets that use android , Miraco is an android tablet after all .

Once we have the true browser manager with importing functions , things gonna be back to where it should be … can’t wait for that . I have over 1TB of projects … hard to find what you want …

5.4.2: Icon changed, thanks!