MIRACO Software update

Hi All,
I have tried updating the software on my MIRACO several times over a number of days.
Today, I left it downloading for about 10 hours.
I still cant get a complete download.
Can Support please supply a direct link that I can download on my PC and install via USB ?
Thank you,

Hi @Scan2Model

Can I ask what problems you encountered during download? Is it because of network problems or other errors?

Today it downloaded to 80percent, then said there was a network issue, despite my network working fine. How big is the update file ?
Can you please just pst a direct link for PC

Hi Mike , you can’t update MIRACO via PC by just downloading it , it is Android Tablets system after all and it require software to be updated .
The files should be downloaded in a couple of seconds to your MIRACO .

Try to connect MIRACO to your PC with Revo Scan 5 via USB in Transfers mode and see if the RS5 software will trigger the updates ? I know in beta it did but I did not used it since , because no issues to update my MIRACO via WiFi .

If I had issues before in beta , and the download took longer than 1 min , I just shut down the WiFi and started over , 2-3 times and it triggered the download speed to maximum what was around 30 sec at 5Ghz WiFi (200mbps)

If it don’t get fast enough just shut down the WiFi and connect again and start over download . If it starts slow it will be slow or not finish at all .

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Hi, the software has now downloaded and installed properly, but it still took a few hours.
My internet is 4G, our service provider isnt exactly reliable.
Thank you for the very fast response !

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So you got it direct via WiFi on MIRACO ? or via PC and RS5?


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