Alignment issues

What we need is for this to be built into the Revo Scan software. My revopoint mini scanner is essentially useless because the frames never line up, and this needs to be addressed - even if we have to align frames manually it should be easy like other software - click on same points in two frames for it to seed the alignment algorithm, or better just autromate the whole thing.

Unsure what you are trying to do there, but that looks like improper use of the scanner and software.

Open a new thread for your issue, @ tag me ther instead of polluting this one with your assumptions.

99% of the time people are just misusing the scanner or misunderstanding what the scanner needs for propper scanning and 1% of the time it need recalibration.

3D scanning is not magic one has to do some work to make sure the mode is in the best situation to be scanned.

One quick tip is to use crumpled paper


I created new thread here , you guys can discuss.

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Thanks for the quick tip X3msnake. I’ll try it! And yeah don’t worry, in this test I was hoping the logo would help it register.
Maybe I shouldn’t have chosen the mini version for my needs.

Thank you @PUTV

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what is the size of the object you are trying to scan?

can you show us a picture of your setup

There is more you can do to keep your tracking . Like adding additional elements , you scanned example is featureless, and MINI need lots of features for that small FOV it has.

As @X3msnake already asked , show us your setup for the scanned object , there is always a solution .

Also you need to understand that 3D structured light scanners heavily depends on unique objects features , without it , it can’t scan as it get "blind " so if you want to scan simple primitive geometries , you need to add additional objects around to keep the tracking … it is all workable if you follow the right path , don’t matter what scanner you got, they all need that .

Now for merging , you need at least 3 points to match on 2 scans , and proper overlapping . Merging function also relay on objects features to some degree.