New pop 2 scanning

new to scanning using a pop 2 scanner the preview looks like a scroll not like the object I am scanning----confused please help

Hi @Idler
Can you share a screenshot shot showing your issue ?

Here are 3 scans with all bad???
scan 3

scan 2

scan 1

Hi @Idler the software is already outdated and not supported , please download and install latest Revo Scan 5 version .

Also you can use screenshot capture in your laptop by pressing Print Screen key on your keyboard in place of taking pictures with your phone , less work and better quality .

But what I see is simple losing tracking in your scans , use marker mode if you have issues with tracking or add additional elements to your scanned scene .

I stall latest RS5 it will works better

installed RS5 unable to scan, I can see the object in the 2 preview windows but nothing in the main window, i can start a scan frames count go’s up but no image and the file is empty. Distance is good confused??? thanks for trying to help

Hi @Idler

I will move your issue to technical customer support . As it looks like you have hardware issue here .