Drifting frames while scanning with POP2

Dear all,
POP2 is my first 3D scanner, and though I manage to scan small items, I’m stuck trying to scan bigger parts, such as chairs (for work). Despite I ran a successful calibration, whether I use markers or note, no matter the accuracy nor the scanning mode, I always get drifting pictures instead of a single part .

Can anyone explain me what’s going on ?
Whether I use the windows or android app (all up-to-date), I get a similar result.
(Hoping the picture will be visible)

Thanks for your help :wink:

@Marc it would be useful to help you out if you post also picture of the object you want to scan , featureless objects are not easy to scan since POP is using the features as a tracking references , you can try using the BODY mode , as the marker mode may be little too small for this size of object , and if you want to use it , you need to place the markers in never combination . Another thing is , what kind of material the object is made off , is it shiny, plastic, what color , there are many factors .

From what I see in your screenshot , it looks like it could not find the proper tracking points , so it is not the device fault at all but difficult to scan features object .
Post a picture , we may find a solution for you.

Thank you, PopupTheVolume,
The part is made of light coloured plywood.
As you’ll see, as the provided markers didn’t give the awaited results, we also tried “home made” ones, remaining on the part …
I agree with you, it doesn’t seem to be the device fault as I manage to get proper scans of smaller objects. And I get the same behaviour each time I try to scan something that doesn’t fit into the revoscan window.
I’ll try the body mode again, but do you think it will work with the markers ? (I’ll put the official ones back onto the part before I try !)
Here is the picture

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Well I suspected it will looks like that , not easy task my friend , I suggest you to use the original markers and marker mode , or use black markers with Body mode , body mode allows you to capture greater area , and since you do not have much of features here the resolution really don’t matters .

you need to place the markers in uneven combination , and avoid repeating the same pattern .
Also I would try to scan it on a black plastic background like for example black garbage back to avoid scanning the background , if nothing you try works , you can add some features to it that can be removed later in Revo Studio .
like place different small objects on the corners , it will also help with the body mode , some people stick a blue Painter tape around the corners , something for the visual tracking , but I am sure you can do that with the original markers , I got myself a big turntable for use with bigger objects , it is fantastic , I would probably scan it in 2 min on it .

The green markers you have there will not really works , you need white dots with a black stroke around it to be recognizable .

Also try to scan from the side and not from the top , the side provide some feature , I would put the scanner in exact position as you did with your phone as that is a great angle for this object.

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Thanks a lot PopUpTheVolume !!! Got it !!! :+1: :+1: :+1:
We quickly built a big home made hand driven turn table, featuring a black top surface, and nearly used all the markers provided in the box :sweat_smile:, and it worked quite straight away.
Looking at the videos on the net, I thought fewer markers were enough…but never mind, I managed to achieve this scan that was driving me crazy these days .
Anyway, thanks again for all these precious tips !
Now I’ve got get some new markers :wink:


You can use black marker pen draw circles, not dots,dots can be used as marker

@Marc that is a wonderful news to hear ! glad to hear you managed it ! :+1: :+1: :+1:
to be honest I had your issue on my mind today wondering if you make it work or not …

you can get on Amazon like 10.000 original POP2 markers for $73 , look for the markers diameter 4mm inside and 7mm outside , they may be slightly bigger but not smaller .

Other companies selling also 5mm inside for the white point what is also fine , you mentioned you made a huge turntable , you can also stick some markers on it in place of the object and use marker mode .

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@angelo you taking stuff out of content , you can’t use markers with Body Mode , but using just black dots you will add a feature to the object when scanning with Body mode where the black dot become a hole , a great tracking feature for the scanner if not marker mode is involved .
Some objects can’t be paint with black markers so this is last resource .

Well I also tried plain black dots this morning, with the body mode… Revoscan hasn’t been able to spot them out, and I got the “drifting” phenomenon back again. :pensive:
Then, as the black dots were large enough (15mm), I took a white pen and painted the center white, and it worked…in marker mode. :wink:

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Well congrats ! clever thinking
Angelo said he was painted just black circles and it worked too , I did not tried since most of my objects can’t be paint or written on .
Anyway most important it worked !