My thoughts after first test of Revopoint Range

Hi all, these are my thoughts after testing the Range Scanner yesterday.

First of all, the Scanner works very well.
I also own a Creality Scan Lizard, I ran a side by side comparison between the two on the same subject, a childs head and shoulders.
The Range is by far easier to use, it tracks far better due to the larger scan “Footprint” and the Revopoint RevoScan 5 software is much nicer to use.

The Creality Lizard is higher Resolution (it should be), but I was suprised that the Range’s resolution is almost as good.
The advantage of course, is that the Range can scan much (much) larger objects.

The only weird thing I found with the RevoScan 5 software was the scan “Exposure” was maxed out on only 1 or 2 inside a normal room.
The Tracking is great, it worked even better when I put the scanner onto a Cine Tripod (fluid head)

I was quite disappointed when I first exported a Textured Mesh, it was quite lacking in Mesh detail.
I then exported an untextured mesh, …wow, what a difference !
Does the “texturing” function Dumb down the Mesh ?

It would be great if RevoScan 5 could take advantage of my 3D connexion Mouse, it makes working in 3D much easier.

In conclusion,
I am very happy with the Revopoint Range Scanner,
I have used a lot of 3D scanners / scanning software over the past 20 years, this is a fantastic product for the price !


Hi! Can you share comparison photos of these two meshes (or same parts of them)? Did you use the same processing for both?

There is no relation between the mesh quality and textures , I hope you did not used the Auto processing as that produced very low quality mesh .

Pay attention on the settings under Edit tap … fuse and mesh at highest quality settings.
Stay away from smoothing function under Point CLoud smoothing, use only mesh smoothing under Mesh , as that is gentle smart de-noiser .

Hopefully you taking about computer version of RS5 and not mobile app.

Hi Catharina,
Yes, I was using the RS5 software on my PC, not the mobile app.
I used the Manual processing settings as I wanted to see exactly what each seting does.
I really like the amount of control that the software has.
You can see the difference in Mesh Quality in these two grabs from the same scan.

This is the raw scan from the Creality Lizard for comparison.
You can see that the result is quite similar.
This means that the Revopoint Range is far better value as it will also do large scale scanning.
We had to add the baseball cap as the Lizard wouldnt pick up the hair, even with powder added.


Hi @Scan2Model

Thank you for sharing your user experience.

As for the 3D connexion mouse, it is on the future to-do list. Our developer team is focusing on improving the Revo Scan itself at this period.

Best Regards


Wow that is new to me , I never saw this results before as it should not happen, texturing generate only textures and UVs and not altering any mesh surfaces .

I believe it is a new bug in the latest version , I will investigate it today and let you know my results .

BTW very nice scan you got there , good job !
I will be back at you in a while .

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I just tested couple of times the last software build of Revo Scan 5
and I see no changes to the mesh after processing the textures , the mesh is the same size before or after texturing .

The only reason that can change the mesh is using Auto Edit
Manual edit with textures or without deliver the same mesh .

Screenshot 2023-04-24 204001

Yes, you are right, my mistake !
I am sorry, I must have left a n “Auto Processing” mesh version in the stack.
I ran a new scan (550mm wicker basket) and got great results.
Thanks Again,

24.5 million Polygons …
Quick Render in Rhino 3D

And pointcloud viewed in CloudCompare… 11,207,313 points…Nice !


Happy this issue got resolved Mike .
Beautiful scan and details on the color.
You should open your own Range Showcases thread and show off your scans .

Thanks for sharing !