My little scanning station

Before anything else, I wish I knew more in advance of the RepRap festival in Maryland two weeks ago - I would have loved to meet PUTV and folks! Hopefully next time!

I wanted to share with everyone here the little scanning station I made. I found that it really improves my scans considerably by reducing noise from the area surrounding the turntable. Since I am focused on scanning larger items (as compared to the toys/miniatures that seem popular in the 3D world) I use a larger, 14" diameter turntable from Baoshishan I purchased via Amazon. It comes with a variety of color mats, and so I used the black mat that I populated with a gazillion dots.

I built a U-Shaped frame out of some Standard 2020 V Slot Anodized Linear Rail I had left over from another project, and some Black PVC Photography Backdrop Matte, also via Amazon. The light, which is a flat round LED light I purchased off Temu, is currently free-handing from the shelf above the setup. My laptop sits besides the station as I am somewhat cramped in the space I have in this office. (My other office is worse!)

So far I am happy with the results I am getting from my scans. Mind you, even though I have had the scanner for some time now, I haven’t done much with it due to a variety of life circumstances so I am very much in the start-up phase. (I’m also trying to teach myself Fusion 360, which is a beast.)

First Photo: View of the scanning station.

Second Photo: Station with the LED light ON.

Third Photo: Close-up view.

Fourth Photo: LED light suspended above the station.

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Cool. It looks like a small scanning studio. :+1: