My first POP2 scans and more to come

I’ve had my POP2 for a few weeks now and have had some good results so far and been loving how easy it is to use ,
So i though i would share some of the things I have done so far
Hope you enjoy them and I’ll add more as I go


@Johnathan Very good start , looking forward to see more of your scans in the future , thanks for sharing !

P.S the baby scan is precious … just please do not shine POP2 in babies eyes when they are open for too long … IR is not 100% safe on the retinas if it is too close , only from a greater distance like Body mode.

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Another POP2 scan, happy with how this one turned out

@PopUpTheVolume yeah I know the IR isn’t good directly in the eyes but if it was my old scanner it would have woken her up with the projector pattern but the POP2 didn’t disturb her at all, Kids move to much when they are awake lol


full size Mk1 Escort scanned in body mode, no markers, no spray just dusty ha ha


Very nice scan indeed !
Yes I know , it is hard to scan kids in general , it took me couple of times before I was able to scan my son .
Once the eyes are closed there is not much harm done , so you did well .

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Dust is your new friend :grin: I am telling folks to use body mode for scanning bigger objects , the best way , the top would need marker mode , too great flat area , but what you captured looks good , nice and smooth, with a little patience you could probably scan the whole car with different modes .


I’ve seen the scan of your son its very good! I’ve tried to scan my son and not been able to get a full scan because its like he has ants in his pants lol

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I’ve been using body mode a lot practice mostly as I have some jobs to do with it on cars,
some I did on a Fiat Coupe as it was handy.

not perfect but all good practice


carburettor ram pipe scanned on turntable in one full rotation, Feature mode, AESUB Green scanning spray as item is reflective alloy

centre hole is 1.5" diameter, smallest holes are about 8mm diameter

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@Johnathan very good ! there is never a perfect scan

I had to buy my son a new toy , he was standing
still like a stone for 4 min lol he asked me yesterday if I am still in need for another new scan , little smart pants :wink: :smile:

Practice is good , I do a lot , never get a perfect scan at first try if I never scanned the object before , you need to evaluate it , find the right angle and thinking about good approach.

Very good ! this kind of objects are not easy to capture

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