Multi color printing from textured scan

I’m not sure if anyone here has experience in multi color printing. I am planning to get something like Mosaic Palette 3 which uses 4 or 8 different color filaments.

Can I use the scanned file with texture to make a multi color print ?

The colors in the texture will be of course more than 4 or 8 , so it should be simplified to 4 colors (or 8)

Does the software do this automatically ? (I mean the multi-color device’s software)

Hi @ilkeraktuna the slicer of your multicolor printer do the color settings .
If you use textures you need to reduce the colors on the texture to the amount you want, hand paint it in a software what require additional skills .

You will have to adjust the colors manually since the printer of your choice don’t support that much colors , you should ask that question the printer manufacturer and how their software operate .