Merge in full color

one of the things I wish the software did was let you merge in full color not solid colors per piece. I scan symmetrical objects and always have to scan in two parts and then merge. The object has writing on it so it is very hard to lineup and merge correctly without being able to see the words or patterns of color. I have tried using markers to line it up but that never works right and always have double words just off line from each other.

Hi @Jlclaude

Thank you very much for your advice. :+1:
I have fed it back to the software developers and look forward to seeing it in RevoScan soon.

What @Jlclaude means is the ability to merge scans while the color per vertex is ON , it was removed in Revo Scan 5 and now it makes impossible to merge objects without much features or not at all , it was a great workflow that was interrupted by the developers and so important in 3D scanning .

I requested it since the begining of Revi Scan 5 changes , it should be never removed in first place . Now people need to use Cloud Compare to merge that kind of objects … moving back and forward .

I believe the solid color objects are not usable for anything , it is a cosmetic gimmick without any purpose at all replacing the most important feature .

Hopefully it will be restored ASAP as so many people waiting for it for so long already . Including myself .