POP 2 - color texture - antique vase with rich color patterns

Hello everyone,
I am again here at the forum after a period of absence
Today I have started a new project:
color 3D scanning of an antique vases collection

I used POP 2 with the latest software version for the first test. The intention is to do comparison tests with the MINI and the new two-axis turntable (which I received yesterday), but to do this I have to wait for the software update to be able to use it (scheduled for the weekend).

To scan, I used a light box and the speed controllable turntable.

I used for scanning the following setting:
Accuracy - fast scan
Scan Mode - features
Texture - color

I used for Fuse Setting:
Point pitch - 0.15 mm

I used for Mesh Settings:
Mesh Quality - 6
Denoise - 5
Fill Holes - yes

and after Texture mapping

For final editing (for removing unwanted scan parts) I used Revo Studio (last version)

Below are images of the various processes and the final result

Point fusion


Texture optimization

3D model without texture

Texture mapping

Final editing


Very nice Davide , don’t you think that POP2 textures looks so much better than before ?
I made some tests yesterday and seems to be less fussy with the last software .

I am also waiting for the software update to be able to use the Revo Dual Axis .

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Hi PuTv,
I agree, the texture quality has definitely improved with the latest software.
I believe the revopoint team’s work on software is essential to improving quality without changing the hardware.


I agree , software is always the essential key in scanning , usually the hardware is always better than the software . So huge room for improvements . Happy to see the progress .

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Nicely done. The results really shine when the maximum zoom is used (had to click twice to get that).

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Welcome back!
No long no e-see you! Nice scans. Thanks for sharing!

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Hello Selina,
well found to you!

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Hello Jeff,
thanks for your appreciation!
The new software allows the creation of a much better texture on POP 2