Most recent scan after firmware upgrade

This is one of my most recent scans. This is with the firmware upgrade, and version 2.9.10 Handyscan.
Most of the surface is dark grey or black, and most has been sprayed with dry hair spray.
Body mode with exposure on 20 and gain on 10.
POP was connected wireless, to Windows10 laptop.
This is a scan that was taken with the pause and play technique, it’s straight out of Handyscan with out any post processing.

Most of the scans like this are for fitting and proportioning, so they are not complete, but I have captured most of the areas I was concerned with. Some of the other stuff I have scanned has been for reverse engineering.

Here is an example of how I am using it. This is a compilation of scans. It is a bit skewed and definitely not great. I will be replacing the mesh, making it more accurate as I go.

Scanned with POP. The tube work was done with Bendtech Pro, and the other components were modeled in Fusion360.


Glad you’re on course. I wanted to firmware mine but a bit tentative and chickened out.
All scanners have drift, there is no way to really get around it, dots help but at the end of the day the tolerances stack up. Our £70k creaform scanner did this which is why we went for a CMM arm with a laser head, even so, it still has stacking tolerances just a heck of a lot lower.

You’re on the right path with using a hybrid of CAD and scanning. That said the scan is so impressive result for the POP.

I’ve been doing my chassis of late, using it to check geometry and so on.