Back to the forum after a long time

Hi everyone, and I haven’t written on the forum for quite some time … Lately I use my POP 1 version to scan the engine of my motorcycle that I am currently revising. I did a 4 part on the fly scan to teste last version software that I hadn’t tried yet. I will try to limit the limits of my scanner …

I’ll post the first results, I’ll try again these days, do you have any advice on the type of lighting to use?

I want to avoid having objects with parts that are not smooth.


Very impressive results.

As for lighting, I’d use just enough to see what you are doing, while making sure to prevent any glare (use a spray designed to mute that).

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Very nice scans!
Regarding lighting …you can use LED light and as much you want …LED lighting do not affects POP’s infrared projector pattern or gain settings .

Avoid natural lighting , indirect / sun lighting and bright windows

Another Test


Welcome back! These scans are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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This time I tested it on my head … a little smooth with meshmixer. Merging 4 scans.




Very clear scan result. Cleanup and closing the holes should be very little problem.