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Hi, is there a plan to develop, or porting the handyscan software to debian plattform? I think a tiny laptop with linux os, can do a better job than a smartphone (up to now, could not manage any device to successfully scan only one time… iOS and Android) and windows sucks due to performance.
Is any project out there doing this already, which I just haven`t found on github?

Best regards Nils


maybe an AppImage or Snap or Flatpack would be more independent - but I strongly support the Linux idea !!!


Would very much like to see this, or even an SDK/API that I could script with python?


I would like it also.

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I would prefer a Linux version as well.

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Hi @nmu ,

Sorry, there’s no plan for Linux now. If there is any update news, I will let you know.

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Any chance to run it under wine emulator in Linux? I mean the new version 5? :upside_down_face:

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I saw people running Revo Scan under Linux , don’t ask me how …no idea since I am only familiar with Win , but they did and posted it also in our forum . I just did not pay attention much to the details .

Yes I know. Based on forum posts the “old” version should run under Wine (

I just wonder will the new version 5 run too or not?..

I guess you going to find out very soon , can’t answer you exactly that question , but I don’t see reason why not ? The base software is still the same just merged 2 together .

I can confirm that the current (old) RevoScan Version runs through Wine on Linux (Wifi only!). With recent releases I have to use the native bluetoothapis.dll, though, otherwise it would crash after a few seconds. But also the bluetooth control of the dual axis turntable works.

Revo Studio works as well.

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With recent release do you mean V4.3.1, right? Thanks for the hint about bluetoothapis.dll.

I wonder how much work would be needed to create a Linux version of the software as I see it is based on a cross platform Qt library .

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Yes V4.3.1, that’s correct.


How/where can we request this as a new feature? I am also very interested in this!

I don’t know. There is an old thread here: Running Revo Scan on Linux we could just add a Like to the first post as we did already and advertise this to people interested in running Revopoint scanners under Linux and so we could show Revopoint how big is a demand for it. Or start a new conversation? Create a poll?

I don’t see many scanner manufacturer providing software for Linux users right now. This could be a plus in the market…

They don’t , because it is waste of money for so small percentage of users unless the companies are huge and have enough budged to keep it up .
There is less than 2% of users in the whole world that uses Linux compared to Windows .
For that already major reason most of the medium and small companies don’t want invest their R&D budgets into it as it is simply burning their money for no profit .

Imagine 5000 people purchased Range … only 100 or less of people may use Linux , the cost of producing and maintaining a Linux software per month, would be 5 times greater than the whole profit from selling it to Linux users.

And trust me , just because it is made in China don’t means it is cheap , most of the programming work is very expensive services and people get paid double the value than the average wage in the USA .
The 100 Linux customers sales could not even support 1 programmer in a year to do the job.

But go ahead , post a pool and see it for yourself.
I am guessing if you get at least 2K votes from true Linux users, you may get yourself a case of interest.

Sorry. It wasn’t my intention to offend anybody here. I’m well aware of the market share of Linux.

I was only insisting (without knowing anything about Qt development) that if only same flags are needed to be adjusted and the code could be compiled into Linux binary instead of MacOS I would be more than happy to see it among the downloads :wink:


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Oh no, you did not offend anyone… suggestions are always welcome , it is always good to hear from the end users , theirs desires and suggestion for the future to improve everything for everyone .

Feel free to share any ideas !

It was not my intention to shut down this suggestion at all , if there is enough users supporting it , things will happen for sure .

Because why not ? If there would be a real market for it.

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No luck so far with wine running RevoScan5 beta:

0108:fixme:combase:RoGetActivationFactory (L"Windows.Devices.Bluetooth.BluetoothAdapter", {8b02fb6a-ac4c-4741-8661-8eab7d17ea9f}, 000000000011EFC0): semi-stub
0108:err:combase:RoGetActivationFactory Failed to find library for L"Windows.Devices.Bluetooth.BluetoothAdapter"
0108:fixme:combase:GetRestrictedErrorInfo (000000000011EF80)
0108:fixme:combase:RoOriginateLanguageException 0x80040154, L"", 0000000000000000: stub
0108:fixme:combase:GetRestrictedErrorInfo (000000000011EF80)


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Same here :sob:

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