Miraco - USB Power Connected - Shutdown

what is the correct procedure to have the Miraco connected to USB power but have the device shut down and “off”? When I am selecting “shut down” from the menue, the device shuts down, but is doing a restart immediatly. I would like to be able to charge the device, but not have “on”.

Pressing the power button once will show up the shut down menue. Pressing the power button again will shut don the device - at least the screen is switching off, this is what I can detect. But after some minutes, the device is restarting again.

This is not good …

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if your Miraco is unplugged and shut off and you THEN connect usb-c power cable for charging it, does it turn on then, too?

Yes, plugin in the usb power is starting Miraco

I just checked: it looks like Miraco is starting (“Revopoint” logo gets displayed), but only for about 10 seconds, while charging sign is shown. Then screen gets shut off. I think this is a good feature as I know power connector is connected well and Miraco really IS charging. What about your Miraco? After about 10 seconds, does the screen stays turned on?

No, my Miraco is “on” than and wants to start scanning …

that´s weird. This might be something for customer support.

ok, found the reason: It is the usb power supply. With the revopoint usb power supply (and also with a non revopoint usb c cable) it is working as it should, with a different usb power supply (I tried 2 different ones so far) not, than it is like I have described it.

Maybe this could be changed with a future firmware update, because it would be good to be able to use “any” usb-C power supply as long as it is “strong” enough to charge the Miraco

cool! Glad you solved it. Yes, I noticed, Miraco is acting differently ( transferring data to pc) using provided USB-C cable and using other USB-C data cables I have lying around. For charging and data transfer I will stick to Miraco´s, but I wonder what it´s specs are if replacement needed. :thinking:

The usb-c cable which is included is fairly “stiff”. I have some “good” usb-C cables which are more flexible and therefore more handy. And I have a few usb-C cables up to thunderbolt 4 for realy high speed trafic (but those are also not so flexible, fairly expensive, so I have only 2 or 3 to connect external hard drives), but I will test those to see if there is a difference

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Ideally, your USB supply should be USB-PD capable. If it can only do say USB 5v 1a then Miraco will use more power than the supply can deliver.
Always use a good PD supply of more than 20W to make sure Miraco charges.

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Clear, I am not complaining if I use a power supply that does not have enough “power”. But I think it would be good to be able to use a standard usb power supply to charge the device while it is powered off. If the Miraco is starting up, than off course it needs much more power. And that is the problem that the Miraco is starting if a standard usb power supply is used.

The MIRACO is 55W / 11V/5A… so preferable good USB-PD cable is needed .

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ok, so the usb power supplies I was trying did not have this specification. So it is clear why it was failing. If I get a usb power supply with this specification 55W / 11V/5A should it work than like the original revopoint?

Side Note: If it would be possible to detect that the attched power supply does not fullfill the specification and put a corresponding note on the screen would be helpfull for the user.

Normally any charger or power bank with at least of 24W should working fine , the original one I got from Revopoint with my beta MIRACO was actually 65W

I did experienced the same issues as you when using different charging sources or cables … but I updated myself with a proper Power bank with PD-30W and now no more starting while charging , the included stiff cable is stiff for a reason to provide full power and data flow . But I purchased myself 100W USB C data/charging cable and works just fine , the LED on the cable screen still showing only 24W power consumption while charging and it charring as fast as the original 65W charging block outlet