Miraco Pro Stuck at 1% on updating

I have Miraco that seems to be stuck on updating the firmware. It has been showing 1% for 30+ minutes now. It is updating the time and battery level, but otherwise it’s not advancing.

This is a new firmware that the device said was available. The device had v1.0.0.133 and the new version was saying v2.3.129.20240122

The screen will go into a dimmer setting after like 5 minutes and back out if you touch the screen. The device will even turn off the screen completely and come back on if you press the power button.

Not sure what to do, as it’s never good to reset a device when it’s trying to update, but not sure what else to try.

Close the Download tap and start again if don’t moving fast enough . It is possible the server is very busy with all the downloads .

Just close it if not moving in 1 min and try couple of time .

I’ve restarted the download process 20+ times. Sometimes I get an error saying I’m not connected to a network. Many times I have gotten to the update screen, but only once did it get to a verifying screen that the unit locked up on.

I am able to force a reboot each time by pressing and holding the power button.

I’m wondering I have a bad unit as I’ve had it a few weeks and have not been able to get a single scan w/o the unit randomly shutting down or locking up. I initially figured it is 1st release code and somewhat buggy, but now I’m wondering if my unit is just bad.

I’m a software/hardware developer for like 35 years, so it’s not like I’m new to tech…lol

Hi @JimFouch

I will suggest you check the timer in the Settings , it may be set to shut down the system .

You don’t need to reboot each time if you want to interrupt the Download , just change the TAB or close the WiFi and restart .

The MIRACO you got is not first release or any beta prototype , it us final production unit .

If you experience all the issues , I would suggest to write to customer@revopoint3d.com with all the issues and make appointment with the tech team to check out your unit and not trying to find solution on your own .

The download can be painful sometimes as it is huge file and so many people use the download server at this moment , I would suggest to wait and use it in early morning when less people are active .

And please contact customer@revopoint3d.com.
The issues you have will not fixed itself by talking about , you need a proper tech support .

I have the timer disabled. I started a reset and that cause the unit to crash. Then when trying to enter basic info after the factory reset (WiFI settings) the unit crashed 2 more times.

It either crashed and reboots itself or just locks up and become un responsive. This has done this since I got it. So, I don’t really think it’s related to the firmware.

I’ll follow your advice and start a ticket with Revopoint.


The reset function is not suggested to use as it removes all personal data including calibration . Please contact the tech support and include all the information you mentioned here or just add the link to the email as references .

They will help you out