Mini remains powered on while host PC is suspended/off

The USB ports on my desktop remain powered in standby/suspend/off, so that a keyboard or other input device may wake up the machine. That’s by design.

However, the Revopoint Mini is not an input device capable of generating a wakeup event. Therefore it should honor the USB suspend state and power itself fully off.

Mine does not power itself off. It remains on, with a dim glow of blue laser out the front, the green LED on the back lit, and the body of the scanner is almost as warm as when it’s in full operation. That’s obviously not in compliance with the intent of the USB suspend state!

Neither do my , you need to power it off after usage as keeping it connected will only short the lifespan of the hardware.

I guess there is nothing else we can do about that at this stage .

But the suggestion is very good :+1:t2:
I asked about that long time ago , but all we got is just dimmable blue laser projector after closing Revo Scan .

IIRC, there are modes where USB can be configured to keep Video inputs powered to provide motion wake detection. That seem a plausible reason it might be powered, check into turning off that capability.

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