How to Use MIRACO in PC Mode

In addition to being a standalone system capable of scanning and post-processing, MIRACO can also be used as a regular scanner connected to a PC.

Using MIRACO in PC mode offers these benefits:

  1. Some users may prefer using a mouse for post-processing scans, finding it more convenient than a touchscreen.

  2. Revo Scan (PC) offers more comprehensive post-processing tools.

  3. For models with many frames, processing on Revo Scan PC will be faster than on MIRACO.

To connect your MIRACO to your PC, plug the supplied USB C to C cable into both the MIRACO and the computer.

  1. Select"Data Transfer" to Import Project or Copy Screen Recording.

  1. Select “Use MIRACO in PC Mode” to Scan with MIRACO and Revo Scan (PC)

Wait for MIRACO to connect to Revo Scan.

Once connected, instead of scanning using the MIRACO’s screen, use the MIRACO like any other Revopoint scanner, such as RANGE 2.

You can edit the model directly in Revo Scan (PC) when the scan is complete.

You can watch Youtube videos for detailed instructions.

there is one thing about using the miraco in pc mode that i wish to have improved. could you please mirror the screen of the pc to miraco screen? it would be so much easier to keep track of your scan when you dont have to switch the point you look at all the time between miraco, to scan object and pc screen. maybe even keep the touchscreen adjustments active, so you can scan with miraco as if it wasnt connected to the pc?