Miraco Single Shot Remote Trigger

My dear friend you mistake … This is a single frame precision what is not accuracy , I explained this so many time already …

It is not advertised as MINI , people need to educate themselves .

Single frame precision is an error between 2 scans after each scanning , it has nothing to do with accuracy … it is more related to merging 2 scans together than anything else .

Mini accuracy is 0.02mm with single precision of max 0.01mm

Miraco accuracy is 0.05mm with a single precision of max 0.02mm

That also what KS page showing and it is correct .

That are huge difference for a device … precision is very important as much as accuracy … but I don’t see anywhere that MIRACO has the capabilities of MINI so I would like to end here the gossip about, as that is simply not true as that is technically not possible using infrared laser to begin with .

MINI still hold the number one scanner title that can truly capture surfaces with 0.02mm and sometimes higher at that price range and nothing else yet is better in this price range on a market … if there was anything better I would have it … :wink:

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