Miraco Scanner Screen Protector?

Is it recommended to have a screen protector for the touch screen? If so what size and if there are links to compatible screen protectors for the scanner.
Thank You

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The Miraco actually have shipping screen protector that I never removed and still use it after 2 months .
You can’t buy it separately to match the exact size but there is lots of screen protectors on the market that can be manually cut to size to fit it .

Most 6inch screen protector would do that .


Thank you PUTV

Bernie , you can get something like that :

Universal Trimmable Screen Protector for all Smart Navigation (3-Pack), Anti-glare and Anti Finger Print, 8 x 7 inches https://a.co/d/fyUNKzt

Then remove the shipping screen protector , stick it back on the trimmarble one and cut it exactly to size …

But many of the regular 6inches screen protectors would do that too without cutting as long they have round corners .

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Would great if Revopoint sold cut to size ones in their store

So my shipping screen protector was a bit bubbly in the corner. I made the mistake of lifting it at the edge to see if I could lay it down again without bubbles. So this afternoon I went to Officeworks in Australia to try and find a screen protector. They did not have a stock one but they have a service where they cut a custom size screen protector and apply it for you for $29.95 Australian Dollars. It does not have round corners or go to the very edge but it is wrinkle free, looks superb and works great.

what is the exact size of the screen ?
which phone could be a close match ?

144mm x 73mm
6 inches phone screen protector with round corners will works , just avoid glass screen protectors .

so 6.1 inch iphone 14 protector would be close ?

it says 141x65mm for iphone 14

It will not exactly go to the all corners
It will missing 3 mm x 11 mm on the corners
Maybe go with 6.5 phone screen and cut yourself hydrogel screen protector preferred

140 x 70 mm minimum anything smaller not really

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You can also use a screen glare protector for camera screens , not need to be exactly phone screen .

They have no residues easy to apply and remove , you can cut exactly to size
For example https://a.co/d/2D3c5SI

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