Using smaller markers with Miraco

Hello, please forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere.

Has anyone had success tracking small markers using the Miraco in Near mode with marker tracking turned on, and if so how small can you go please?

The standard markers (6mm diameter) are too large for my use case, and I’d like to go smaller if the tracking cope with it.

Thank you!

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I successfully used 3mm Markers.
I ordered some 3M reflective Tape from Amazon and a 3mm hole puncher and made them myself.
It’s really cheap, the whole tape is only 14 bucks the hole puncher was under 10 bucks and you need small tweezers to get the backing paper off.
Works like a charm though.

link to the tape: (i use the silver one)

link to the hole puncher:


Hi ingManiac!

Many thanks for this information, very useful! I’ll give this a try for sure.

I notice the original markers that ship with the scanner have a black ring around the reflective part - was it necessary to include this part?

Thanks again

In my case not. I use it on dark objects, so that could be the reason.
If you use it on white, it could be tricky for the scanner to see.
But at first place i used them on 3d printed parts (markerpyramids etc.) so i have a natural outline in black.
I can try this out on the weekend, i will let you know about the outcome.

Thank you, I’d be very interested in what you find. I have some reflective tape on order.

My object is light in colour so I think I may need something to outline, but let’s see.