Miraco - screen protection

I am afraid but the original screen protection of my Miraco does no longer stick to the display. Where can we get a good replacement? TIA

You can buy any 6 inches phone protector to use with MIRACO preferably no tempered glass as you need to cut it to the size probably, or you can order online at revopoint3d.com however it is sold only as add on together with the Silicone protector .

The original screen protector was only a shipping protector , not a real screen protector .

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I got one from HERE. It was about 17 euros shipped (from Germany to the UK) to get 2x tempered glass protectors custom cut to size.

My dimensions were 75mm x 147mm - 3mm radius - non-reflective. Although to be honest you might want to go for 74mm x 146mm just to give yourself an easier time of it fitting as the size I got is VERY exact to the dimensions of the screen!