Miraco scan imports too large into Zbrush

Hi, anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Just scanning the test bust and importing as an OBJ into Zbrush, the model is way too large.

Hi! You can set the scale after importing OBJ using ScaleMaster ( Zplugin>Scale Master>Set scene Scale).

But maybe the object is just too zoomed in upon import? Then you can use “Fit Mesh To View” (keyboard shortcut F).

Let me know if this solved your problem.
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Hi Ivan, after some experimenting I found the problem. The scan was actually the correct size. What happened was after importing the example bust scan I then imported a one inch cube (scaled in a different program) just as a test to see if it was correct. The cube came in tiny so I assumed the scan was too large. But I think what happened was the cube got scaled in millimeters (possibly because the scan automatically imports in mm? ) and indeed became tiny. So I went into Scalemaster, changed the scale units to inches and exported the bust. When I imported that bust and the one inch cube again it all looked right.

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I use Zbrush as well , you should always measure your objects using ScaleMaster for correct size , not using other objects . Scale master is very accurate .
Objects exported from MIRACO and Revo Scan using mm

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