Mastering MIRACO: A Beginner's Guide to 3D Scanning- Lesson # 1

Hello everyone, I’m Fay. I recently graduated from university and joined Revopoint in August. The last INSPIRE post received a lot of views and comments, which motivated me. Therefore, I plan to continue this topic, documenting my entire process from my first encounter with MIRACO to becoming proficient in using it. I hope our new users can learn from my experiences in this post, and I also welcome guidance from many professional users in the forum.

Date: December 10th, 2023, First use.

Learn more about MIRACO:

Global: Revopoint MIRACO: Big and Small Object Standalone 3D Scanning
US: Revopoint MIRACO: Big and Small Object Standalone 3D Scanning

Power on by pressing and holding for 3 seconds.

(I won’t go into the specifics of the unboxing process here, as I believe you’ve probably seen unboxing videos about MIRACO on YouTube or other channels.)

  1. This page appears after powering on and swiping down from the top of MIRACO’s screen.

  1. Pre-scan Parameter Settings

To get to the scan settings tap on the button shown in the image above.

  1. Show color

You can tap to select either the Single-shot or Continuous capture modes.

In either capture modes, you can tap the area shown below to swap between Far-mode and Near-mode.

If scanning in an hard-to-maneuver enivrioment or if you need to capture an object that has sharply contrasted colors on its surfaces, Single-shot mode is a good choice.

When you’ve finished the scan, tap the Model button to go to the post-processing settings.

  1. Post-scan settings

Let’s get over some gestures that are really handy in post-processing.

①One-Finger Swipe: Rotates the model on the screen

②Two-finger Drag: Moves the model

③ Pinch to Zoom: Together to zoom out; apart to zoom in


Editing Process

If you have scanned an object with lots of details that you want to retain select a low point distance. For models without much detail like a ball, a larger point distance is fine.

Then once the the point cloud has been fused, you need to turn the cloud into mesh. Set the quality to the highest to keep the details, set it to the lowest quality if the details aren’t important.

After editing tap the share button in the top right corner. And open up Revo Scan 5 on your PC, and ensure that MIRACO and your PC are on the same Wi-Fi network. Then follow on the screen instructions to transfer your 3D model to your PC.

The above is a brief introduction to MIRACO from my perspective. In the next post, I will begin to share my scanning journey with MIRACO.


Hi thanks for the informative run through @Revopoint-Fay .

Were you able to connect the MIRACO via USB and access the project files that way or have you only been able to transfer over WIFI?


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Hi Val ,
You can do that 3 ways , WiFi, USB - Library and USB - Manual

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Hey, looks like Wifi is only working on my side. No detection of USB Library or Manual I am afraid.

Please write to for technical support .
The office will be open tomorrow evening 9:30 pm EST

Remember to connect to computer you need to activate Data Transfer on Miraco under the USB setting , once you connected Miraco to you computer using the white cable the USB settings will show up first on top under Settings tab … If your computer don’t have USB C , you need to have another data cable or purchase USB C to USB A adapter.
The USB A to USB C cable that are for the turntable is not a data cable .

I appreciate your response. I’ve been attempting that approach, but I’ve come across information suggesting that certain motherboards/laptops are not supported. I suppose I’ll have to continue with WiFi transferring until the next update.

Hi @vtrixval

Transferring data is supported on all laptops, PC and motherboards and there was never an issue with it, you confusing the information you found with PC mode that has nothing to do with transfer data mode .

Transferring data is a simple USB protocol
And after testing it on various computers for over 2 months , never experienced any issue with it , neither any of the beta testers .

Please write to and make an appointment for help with your hardware .

Hi @PUTV ,

I was actually referring to your posts on why some “USB computers do not respond”

"this have nothing to do with specific brand but the quality of the motherboards that not always deliver as promised ".

Would not have mentioned the above if I had not read that thread. I have been in touch with customer care without any luck. Will booked in an appointment to run through this though, thanks.