Output scale control?

I have measured that my miraco scans appear exactly 1000 times larger than what they should be when imported in 3d softwares like Blender or Plasticity. Easy fix, no big deal but I was curious if that is something I can control on any of both ends so I don’t have to do the manual scale each time.

I’ve had the same with Fusion 360, as far as I know the output scale is 1:1. It is the software you import into that needs to be set correctly.

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Thanks! any idea on how should I set up blender to import it correctly? there are no import options there so I guess is about the overall program setup

Unfortunately I don’t know, but there will be someone on here that can assist I an sure of it :blush:

I can help here!

So first know this: the scanner’s output is correct and dimensionally accurate.


Blender isn’t primarily focused on accurate to scale modeling. The “unit” used in Blender is arbitrary, and by default is set to 1 Unit = 1 Meter. 1000mm = 1m.

Make sure Unit System is set Metric and Unit Scale is set to 0.001

It’s important you change the unit scale and not the model itself. This will prevent weird scaling issues if you import the model into other tools.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 defaults to meters as well, which honestly I’ve never understood, since it’s a parametric modeling tool. Unless you’re designing at a very large scale, everything is in mm. But I’m rambling. The solution is largely the same as in Blender.

In the document settings (top left usually) click the gear and switch from meters to millimeters


If you plan on using Fusion primarily for scans / CAD / Parametric design, I’d recommend going to your profile in the actual program settings and changing your default scale from meters to millimeters. All new projects from that point will default to millimeters going forward.

If you’re opening the scan file in Fusion 360 rather than importing it, it may still default to meters if there’s no metadata in the file declaring scale. If that’s the case, just a quick change in that document setting will straighten it out.

Hope this helps!