Mini Proper Size Export

Hello All. I am using the mini to scan model kit pieces to reverse engineer them. I am still learning of course but for some reason I cannot get the pieces to export out at the proper size. Something that is .760 inches tall is exporting out of Revo Scan at 67 Feet tall! Now I have never gone through the process of calibrating the unit but from my understanding I should not have to?

Can someone help tell me what i possibly could be doing wrong?


What format are you exporting? Export as PLY or OBJ to get the actual units / scaling correct.
If you are exporting as stl it doesn’t define the units. So, if an object is 100mm tall, its size is 100. The units are defined by the workspace you are importing it in to. Import to an Inch workspace and it will be 100 inches tall.

I am exporting out as both .ply and .obj. Even importing into fusion 360 its off.

What units is your workspace set to in Fusion 360? It needs to be mm.

Units in fusion are set to millimeters. Output of the obj files is over 543mm which is over 5 feet.

What is really weird is one of my 3d printing software’s loads it almost correctly.

All Revopoint scanners output in mm.

in Fusion 360 check that your default units are set to mm

if they are not it could do some strange things

I normally export as .stl and don’t have any problems in CAD but I’m always using metric units unless I have to use inches then I just input the dimension in the box followed by inches and the software does the conversion for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the responses. I have Fusion set at mm but it still imports larger than it should be. Even an exported .stl. I’m using the scanner for model parts but at the moment i can adjust on the fly. The .obj and .stl files import into my 3d print programs close but its still off dimensionally. I can adjust since i do not need a perfect representation i’d just like to try and understand why it’s exporting out wrong.

Johnathan, the screen you have up above is exactly how my fusion screen looks as well. I find myself not using fusion much anymore since it’s so dang clunky.

I’m not sure what’s happening then as my imports to Fusion and any other CAD program set to mm are absolutely bang on for dimentional accuracy.

Again thanks. Just wondering if i need to go through calibration. If the scanner might be off from the beginning?

Hi @Titon if the scanner produced scans so much off from the original , it should not scan anything .
Before you messing up with calibration , I propose you upload a link with an scanned object and it’s proper original dimension to check out for us , this way you will know what is wrong , the import or the scanner .

Remember STL don’t support unit , as it is unitless.

Hey Titon, 543mm is just over 21 inches, not 5 feet. But I realize for the mini scanner, that is still pretty big.

Hello mate. It’s pretty common for different bits of software to scale things in either mm or m. I suspect thats what’s happening here. Just scale your object by 0.001 amd all should be good. :+1:

Guyblin, thanks for the heads up! I am an old architectural draftsman by trade and never really got use to using the metric system and still work mostly in inches and feet. You were right though. Once i told my program to import in the scale you suggested it came in correct!.

Appreciate all the help!

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No problem! Glad I could help. Weirdly it often seems to be file format based within the software - so in Artec Studio if I export an OBJ into Headus tools I have to scale it by 0.001, but if I export an STL it doesn’t need scaling. Handily when i import things back into AS, it actually asks me “Scale is 0.1x0.1x0.1 - m or mm?” - errrr… metres please!