Miraco - large turntable

Being Miraco a Standalone system i wonder if theres bluetooth in it so it can control the large turntable? Having to use your phone or the remote for That seems a bit non sense…

The feature may be added in the future , there is a Bluetooth on the system , but you cant install separate apps on the system, so hopefully Revopoint create a new feature in the future .

Personally I would love that while using the single shot … for continues scanning I prefer to run it before I am scanning …

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Also, the option to install Meshmixer or something along those lines for editing and modifying scans. I have a very tiny GPD Win3 with Meshmixer installed on it and it doesnt take up much storage yet brings features such as Push/Pull which is very cool to use.
Realizing the Miraco is android at its core, maybe there is a way for either Meshmixer or a clone to be created, and then wont even need to carry around any editing laptops for the ultimate in portability.
Maybe a mouse driver for use with editing would also be helpful for when touchscreening might be comical.
Also, if it has a audio ability, give the Miraco a tiny little mp3/mp4 player lol.