MIRACO Bluetooth?

Hi, does the MIRACO has Bluetooth chip ?

If yes, can you add Bluetooth functions ?

Like to make it communicate with the dual-axis turn table (or simply to connect a mouse for better processing the scan, like you can do right now using USB).

Thank you

Hi @Inno89

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

We will evaluate it carefully to see if there is any possibility to realize it. :grinning:

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And it would be SO much better for file-transfer to a PC, too! Unless you have a brand new machine there are no USB-C ports on a laptop, so only WLAN is possible (like in my case). When I’m outside I can’t transfer anything from my Miraco :frowning:

Another use would be to share a model via bluetooth.


You are at a client place, you do the scan, you can edit it in the miraco and share the .stl file right away (to a phone, to a pc, etc etc)
Even if the bluetooth is pretty slow, the edited stl file is often small. (especially if a low resolution preview )
Share it with the client right away is a big plus.